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DENSILIFT - Redensifying Day Cream SPF15
Day cream with spF 15 and powerful active ingredients for an inmediate and long-lasting improvement of skin firmness, volume and density. It helps reinforce cell structure and restores skin firmness and tone from inside-out. provides higher density, elasticity and smoothness to increase facial volume, re-sculpt contours and achieve facial contour visibly more defined.

DENSILIFT Redensifying Concentrated Serum 33.5% active Complex
Effective concentrated redensifying and firming serum, inspired by the most advanced cosmeceutical treatments. With an exclusive combination of highly concentrated active ingredients (33.5%), it is the perfect antidote against the signs of aging, sagging, loss of density and elasticity. Its vegan formula, with 96% natural origin ingredients, contains a combination of 4 types of hyaluronic acid, which form a three-dimensional network to accurately reach the different layers of the skin, replenishing water on the outside and retaining it from the inside ; with niacinamide (vitamin B3) and powerful anti-aging actives, such as phytoCell TecTM Goji, Collageneer®, ElestanTM and the palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 peptide complex, organic silicon, genistein liposomes, hibiscus and soy proteins botanical serum and edelweiss extract. Deeply stimulates collagen and elastin production, strengthens skin structures, redensifies extracellular dermal matrix, clearly improving firmness, density, elasticity, smoothing and attenuating wrinkles, and improving skin tone for a facial contour visibly more defined and a better hydrated, more uniform and radiant skin. For skin with signs of age (chronological and photoinduced aging), sagging, loss of density and firmness, both in men and women silky and light, easy to apply and fast absorption texture.

PROGRESIF Multifunctional eye contour concentrated serum 33% active Complex
The most effective way to beautify and revitalize the eye contour, and achieve a more youthful, rested and luminous look. Vegan oil-free formula, with 33% of concentrated active ingredients and 95% natural origin ingredients. With anti-aging action: acts against wrinkles, expression lines and loss of firmness. With anti-bag action: decongests and improves lymphatic drainage. It fights the edematous accumulations that cause the appearance of bags. With anti-dark circles action: reduces dark circles by favoring the elimination of pigmented residues. With revitalizing action: provides an energizing effect and an anti-fatigue action, for a more luminous skin, with better tone and healthier appearance.

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